Sunday, April 13, 2008

Behind the scenes of Back to the Future

Back to the Future was an idea hatched by Bob Gale whom was one day going through his fathers high school year book thinking what it would be like to meet his father in that time period. Only difference is from the movie and in real life is that the characters had been reversed. Bob Gale was more of the nerd going through high school and his father a class president and highlyrespected in school.

Some of the shots for the movie where shot in Universals backlot in California such as that of the courthouse. The houses you seen in the movie where actual houses in the neighborhoods of Passadena.

Courthouse in Universal Studios Backlot

The original character for the movie was suppose to be at the beginning Micheal J. Fox which did play in the movie, however at the begining they could not get him because he had a prior obligation to finish up Teen Wolf and Family Ties at the time. Erick Sholtz actually played the character of Marty Mc Fly for the first 4 weeks of filming until Steven Spielberg had come back from being out of the country decided that Eric Sholtz was not right for the part of Marty Mc Fly. By this time Micheal J. Fox was available and had finished filming Teen Wolf, so they got lucky enough to get him to play the part of Marty Mc Fly.

Micheal J. Fox (Marty McFly)

Of course Eric Sholtz is not seen in the movie, some parts of him being in the movie are still there and where never cut out. Such as the scene of him driving the De Lorean through the mall parking lot is of him. The producers thought since you couldn't see his face why should it be cut out.

Crispin Glover (George McFly)

In the original script for the movie Doc Browns name was Professor Brown and instead of him having a dog named Einstein he had a chimp. The script was pitched to several companies including Disney only to be turned down. Universal did pick up the script but made some changes to the script into the finished product you see on screen.

Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown)

Lea Thompston ( Lorraine McFly)

Thomas F. Wilson (Biff)

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